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Inside the Boards

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Inside the Boards
  • Inside The Boards - Episode 9

    Episode 1

    In this episode of inside the boards, we see how it is in the British gold cup semifinals, some of the strongest teams we have seen in the tournament in a long time.

  • Inside The Boards - Episode 8

    Episode 2

    Inside the Boards 8 : 2020 Prince of Wales Trophy Special Edition

  • Inside The Boards - Episode 7 (Part 2)

    Episode 3

    This week we look at how the community will be affected and what to expect from polo life.

  • Inside The Boards - Episode 7 (Part 1)

    Episode 4

    In this special UK edition of Inside the Boards, we speak to some of the top club managers from the UK on how the polo community has been affected.

  • Inside the Boards - James Beim Interview

    Episode 5

    today we jump into an interview with James Beim, more from him here.

  • Inside The Boards - Jeff Hall Interview

    Episode 6

    Inside the boards special interview show with Jeff Hall

  • Inside the Boards - Stewart Armstrong Interview

    Episode 7

    On this episode of inside the boards we listen to Toby Wayman interview the chairmen of USPA Stewart Armstrong. Stewart's playing career, Gold cup and more.

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 6

    Episode 8

    Covid 19 situation around the world
    Interview with Bob Puetz, David Woodd and Eduardo Novillo Astrada
    The best from social media

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 5

    Episode 9

    Covid 19 news from USA and England

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 4

    Episode 10

    In this episode we jump into a recap of the quarter final matches from the second leg of the gauntlet. Interviews, highlights, and more.

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 3

    Episode 11

    This week on inside the boards we dive into the second round of qualifying matches of the 2020 USPA gold cup.

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 2

    Episode 12

    In this episode of inside the boards we take a look into the first week of the qualifying rounds from the second leg of the gauntlet of polo. More on the USPA gold cup here.

  • Inside the Boards: Episode 1

    Episode 13

    This week we take a look into the qualifying rounds and the road to the C.V Whitney cup.

  • Inside The Boards 10 v4

    Episode 14

    This week we go inside the boards to the final of the king power gold cup for the British open, the final of the U.S arena open, and the first round of games from the silver cup.